Kristen Taylor Wood, LAc, LMT
               Seth Wood, LAc

Acupuncture FAQs

~Does acupuncture hurt?
In a word, No.  But you will feel the needles and the effects of the treatment. When the needles are inserted, you might feel a small pinch, like a bug bite.  However, it should not be painful in the sense that it hurts.  You may feel a dull, heavy sensation around the needle. This sensation is OK, and in fact, it means the needles are doing their job.  If any needle is uncomfortable during a treatment, tell your acupuncturist and the needle can be adjusted.

~Are you touching nerves with the needles?
No. Acupuncture needles are not inserted with the intention of contacting nerves or blood vessels. The needles are accessing the different meridians of the body, and these internal pathways of energy are not the same physical structures as nerves or blood vessels.  Acupuncture needles are solid ground--not hollow ground like hypodermic needles.  The needles are also very thin and flexible, so that if a nerve or blood vessel is accidentally contacted, there is minimal risk of any damage to that tissue.  

~How many treatments does it take to see results?

In general, we recommend a course of five treatments before we expect dramatic results.  However, it is not unheard of for  results to be immediately noticeable after a treatment. For acute conditions, change usually happens more quickly than for a long standing, chronic condition. Since acupuncture is a unique healing modality for most of us in the West, it tends to take the body a little while to adjust to all the subtle effects of the treatment.  It is best, therefore, to build a relationship with acupuncture with a series of treatments so that in the long run your body will respond more quickly to any treatments. 

~Are there any side effects from treatment?
While most side effects of an acupuncture and Oriental medical treatment are rare and minimal, a few can exist.  Some common side effects are: sensitivity at an acupuncture point, a small aggravation of symptoms as the body adjusts itself to a new healing potential, and a groggy feeling after treatment, as if one just woke from a deep sleep. For a more detailed explanation of treatment characteristics and side effects of each type of Oriental medical therapy we practice, please refer to our Services page.

~Do Chinese herbs work?

Yes. Chinese herbs and herbal products are very effective at treating a wide range of conditions. In general, they are more mild in effect, and in side-effects, than pharmaceuticals.  This means that a course of herbal therapy may take a little longer to effect change. However, we can utilize herbs in a variety of packages from a very strong, personalized bulk herb formula to easy to take, over-the- counter tea pills. Based on your condition, we can recommend the best form of herbal therapy for you.