Kristen Taylor Wood, LAc, LMT
               Seth Wood, LAc

Snow Blossom Acupuncture LLC works in different treatment settings so that we can not only offer an effective variety of healing modalities, but also utilize the beautiful simplicity of acupuncture. 

Community Acupuncture 

In Community Acupuncture treatments, we focus on the simple effectiveness of acupuncture and its ability to guide a resting body through a healing process.  As these treatments are given in a large room where patients rest alongside other patients, there is a need to keep the space quiet and relaxing.  So we do not talk with patients in a detailed manner in these treatments.  Instead, we ask one or two simple questions before we enter the treatment area. Then, we rely on pulse diagnosis to guide our treatment strategy.  Patients are fully clothed and needled on distal points along the body.  Distal needling can be done on the scalp, neck, arms/hands, and legs/feet.  Once the needles are in, patients tend to take an acu-snooze and zone out for awhile.  The length of each treatment is determined by the patient’s natural response to the needles.  Most people tend to snooze about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  When patients wake up, they just look at the acupuncturist and the needles are removed.  The idea is that as your body rests, it has time to heal, and the needles act as catalysts to guide the healing process to the areas it needs to go.  

**In this setting, we can offer a form of healthcare that allows the patient to receive affordable, consistent treatments.

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Private Room

In our Private Room treatments, we can utilize acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, cupping and gua sha, among other techniques, in a multi-level attack on a patient’s condition.  These treatments are very focused with a lot of one-on-one time betweem the patient and practitioner.  This allows for more time to talk about your condition, treatment options and other avenues of healing we can explore both in the treatment room and at home, such as Qi Gong and Meditation.  Here is a brief over-view of available modalities:


Moxabustion (direct or indirect) is a form of heat therapy.  The mugwort plant is processed into different forms, and these products are smoldered on or over the body.  This therapy creates small amounts of smoke, so if you are very sensitive to smoke please let your practitioner know.  It may be used along with acupuncture or by itself in a treatment.  


Body Work treatment at Snow Blossom Acupuncture may include the following types of massage ~ Zen Shiatsu, Tuina, So Tai, Acupressure, Swedish massage, Lymphatic Drainage, or Myofascial release.  

Cupping is an old Chinese technique of using glass or plastic cups that are suctioned to the body.  The suction is created when a flame is placed into the upside-down cup and then quickly removed as the cup is placed onto the body.  Cupping can be used for many symptoms that range from coughing to tight muscles. 


Gua Sha has similar effects as cupping but is administered by a scraping technique with a ceramic Chinese soup spoon or carved piece of jade or buffalo horn.  


Chinese Herbs may be administered in bulk, granule, powdered, tincture, tea-pill, and/or liniment forms.  Herbs are recommended to help increase your treatment potential.  They may be given as a strong medicinal tea, a milder nutritional supplement or an externally applied agent to help relieve symptoms and normalize the body’s functions.  


Bleeding is a procedure that releases heat and toxins from the body.  Using a diabetic lancet, we prick a small area on the body to remove a few drops of blood.


Electro-Acupuncture may be used along with standard acupuncture.  Cords from a battery powered electro-stim machine are connected to acupuncture needles, and a small electric pulsation is administered to the needles. 


Aromatherapy incorporates herbal essential oils to compliment and enhance your treatment. The Raindrop Treatment is a aromatherapy technique which incorporates ten essential oils that are applied specifically to the back.

Qi Gong & Meditation are exercises that coordinate breathing and simple body movements that patients can practice at home to further the treatment process.  
Massage Therapy is offered here at Snow Blossom Acupuncture LLC.  Experience a one hour or hour and a half full body massage.  The practitioner may use several styles of massage therapy to fit your needs, examples are Swedish & Myofascial. Massage Therapy can be used for relaxation, stress, muscle tension & pain, increase in lymphatic flow, & to help aid digestion to name a few.  Your licensed massage therapist will discuss symptoms, treatment, & treatment plan with you during your appointment. 

*Currently unavailable 

Medical Grade Infrared Sauna ~ Please click on Medical Grade Infrared Sauna page for more information (hoover over Services tab)