Kristen Taylor Wood, LAc, LMT
               Seth Wood, LAc

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~ "Acupuncture was great for my pregnancy aches & pains.  It also helped me to loose a lot of edema water weight.  Kristen & Seth have a very kind and calming aura in their practice & are very gentle."  
K.T-L., Anchorage, AK
~ "I injured my shoulder & went to Snow Blossom Acupuncture for help.  They were able to alleviate the pain with acupuncture and help it heal faster."  
J.T., Anchorage, AK
~ "We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Snow Blossom Acupuncture.  When you walk into the office you can actually feel the healing begin to wash over you.  Every treatment we have received there has been professionally executed and has a definite healing effect.  The herbal treatments have provided energy I forgot I had and improved our overall health.  Seth & Kristen are true professionals in their field."  
J.M., Auburn, WA 

~ "The wonders of Chinese Medicine, combined with Kristen & Seth's warm and welcoming hearts, is the perfect balance of therapy for both your body and soul."  

L.G., Anchorage, AK

~ "Snow Blossom Acupuncture Clinic is a wonderful addition to our health care choices in Anchorage. Not just acupuncture... they have at hand an assortment of Oriental medicinal options, and can also include a variety of body work depending on your needs.  With acupuncture licenses and certifications in the state of Alaska and Nationally, both Kristen and Seth are skillful and devoted Practitioners in the Healing Arts.  We're fortunate to have their clinic here, and it's great to have all of these treatments available under one roof!"
B.B., Anchorage, AK
~ "Because of Seth and Kristen's commitment to their profession and there natural caring nature, Snow Blossom Accupuncture has made me a believer. They have helped me for a few issues, and I have never experianced healing like this before. I am greatful to have them, and will be for the rest of my life."
S.C., Anchorage, AK